Monday, July 03, 2006

A colony by any other name is still a colony.

La isla Del Encanto?
Encantado con la vida,me amo el cielo azul
Entonces, recuerdo que sigue siendo una colonia
Pero cuando estoy bailando,me siento la magia
Hasta un turista me pisa el pie

English: "The Island of Enchantment"

Enchanted with life, I love the blue sky
Then, I recall that we are still a colony
But when I am dancing, I feel the magic
Until a tourist steps on my foot

Independence Day is a celebration in the 50 states but for a country with "commonwealth" status, it is a day for some of us to reflect. I can't help but think that a colony by any name is still a colony.

*Puerto Rico is referred to as: 'la isla del encanto'

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From the CD: "Agua que va a Caer"