Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blue Kisses from Bahia

This video is only a sampling of Bahia, Brasil.

My new CD is gradually coming to market.
At present,it is only available for sale at
CD Baby.com

The name of my new CD is "Beijos Azuis".
For those who do not understand Portuguese; 'Blue Kisses'.

Only in Bahia could such a simple phrase have such deep meaning.
Salvador is a city who wraps herself in blue and white; the colors of (the Yoruba orisha) Yemanja. She represents the feminine principle.
She is the image of the mermaid who beckons seductively to lonely sailors.
When a person sends you 'blue kisses', it is a kiss from the deep blue sea of romance. It is a kiss with saudade (a reflective romantic longing).

"Beijos Azuis" is my musical love letter to Salvador da Bahia. I hope that I've done my job as a creator, to paint a magical portrait of Brasil's most magical city.

In coming weeks I will go into greater details about Bahia.
Please visit the links to "Beijos Azuis" so that you can hear the music.
If you want to keep Bahia in your heart as I do, buy the CD today!