Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Audacity of Hope is Inspirational

Barack Obama's quest for the Presidency of The United States of America has captivated the world. There is an electricity about the man that cannot be denied. Even his greatest detractors are aware of the dynamic presence that he presents. Beyond mere charisma and oratorical eloquence, Senator Obama has a shining light that must surely be intimidating to those who would wish him to fail. When he is attacked by his political opponents, he deflects the negative blows with grace. He has continually chosen the high road of positive force as a response. Only a uniquely confident individual could refuse to embrace the negative tactics of dirty politics.

The audacity of his campaign is truly inspirational for the enlightened. Creative people, like myself, understand the brilliant energy that Obama exudes. It is no small coincidence that people refer to his speaking engagements as being "like a rock concert". He is not an actor nor a performer but he creates a feeling that regenerates his audience. This energy resonates especially with young people because it is a youthful energy. Obama is able to impart the importance of the moment to his listeners. He is able to energize people with the sense that they can seize the time.

He makes me feel as if my own audacity, to be a 'roots' musician in an 'American Idol' world, can pay off. Thanks to Barack Obama, I feel a renewed purpose in my own quest.
Thanks Obama!