Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rasheed Ali Update: Recording Studio Exclusive!

Rasheed's podcast

One Tribe, Many Voices!

Rasheed Ali & Rain People Podcast Radio.

Enjoy! -- Rasheed Ali

This podcast features the new musical experiments and journeys that have occupied my time in the past few weeks.
I hope that all of you who have enjoyed my blog will continue to support my endevours.
I am very committed to my blogs and all of my pages (MySpace,etc.)but I am feeling the creative muse in the recording studio which is occupying all of my time.

My podcast allows you to "be there" with me as I record new songs direct to disc for the podcast. It's like being there when fresh bread comes out of the oven!
Normally, when you go into the recording studio to record a CD you will record more songs than you need and then decide which ones to re-record, finish or edit.
This time around I am being very free and open-minded. I tend to record "concept albums"; CDs that are based around a theme. There is no central concept in my mind right now though I have a strong desire to complete a CD based upon the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Stay tuned!