Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Only the fool starves in the midst of abundance.

I have posted 98 blogs here on Blogspot since this all began in April. I have also posted 133 blogs on my Spanish blog since June. Most of the photography is mine or "in house". I have tried to keep the subject matter interesting yet not too 'heavy'. I am not sure how many people are true subscribers but I do appreciate the support that has been extended to me. I hope that everyone who arrives here will take the time to investigate the many posts in the archives. I have purposefully slowed down the frequency of my postings so that viewers can "catch up".

I now have a podcast as well. This is a unique form of communication that allows me to add another dimension to the on-line version of me. I am able to present my own 'rain people radio show'. I have many ideas for this new media but I don't want to over-saturate the 'airwaves'.
I invite one and all to investigate the archives here; enjoy!