Friday, March 12, 2010

Victor Pantoja: July 6, 1939 - March 12. 2010

Photo: Gayle Nicholls-Ali

This week's podcast is dedicated in loving memory to Victor Pantoja.

The Late Great and Legendary Victor Pantoja!

Photo: Gayle Nicholls-Ali

Without Words: The Master's Hands / Victor Pantoja

Photo: Gayle Nicholls-Ali

Victor Pantoja: Legendary Boricua Congero Passes Away!

In this photo: "Papa" Pantoja is pushed to greater heights during his conga solo by, fellow Boricua congero, David Romero. I am very proud to say that both of these fine musicians played in my band: Rain People.

In a few days I will be able to write a more appropriate tribute to a man who meant so much to me...but right now I just can't deal with yet another obituary on this blog.