Friday, May 23, 2008

Music is a Living Memory

If you live
You will feel
And Remember

Monday, May 19, 2008

75,000 People Attend Obama Rally in Oregon!

Despite the posturing and bravado of republican candidate John McCain, I get the feeling that it is a bit terrifying for him to realize that Barack Obama has the ability to galvanize real human support.
It is no small feat to be able to attract crowds of 60,000 people in Michigan and 75,000 in Oregon. If Senator Obama is likened to a rock star what shall we liken John McCain to?

Can John McCain duplicate grassroots support that Senator Obama is able to mobilize?

Most of his recent public speeches have been at events such as the National Rifle Association meeting as opposed to electric public gatherings where he is the main attraction.

I can only wonder if he can create the need in 75,000 people to attend one of his speeches.

We shall see.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blue Kisses from Bahia

This video is only a sampling of Bahia, Brasil.

My new CD is gradually coming to market.
At present,it is only available for sale at

The name of my new CD is "Beijos Azuis".
For those who do not understand Portuguese; 'Blue Kisses'.

Only in Bahia could such a simple phrase have such deep meaning.
Salvador is a city who wraps herself in blue and white; the colors of (the Yoruba orisha) Yemanja. She represents the feminine principle.
She is the image of the mermaid who beckons seductively to lonely sailors.
When a person sends you 'blue kisses', it is a kiss from the deep blue sea of romance. It is a kiss with saudade (a reflective romantic longing).

"Beijos Azuis" is my musical love letter to Salvador da Bahia. I hope that I've done my job as a creator, to paint a magical portrait of Brasil's most magical city.

In coming weeks I will go into greater details about Bahia.
Please visit the links to "Beijos Azuis" so that you can hear the music.
If you want to keep Bahia in your heart as I do, buy the CD today!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Audacity of Hope is Inspirational

Barack Obama's quest for the Presidency of The United States of America has captivated the world. There is an electricity about the man that cannot be denied. Even his greatest detractors are aware of the dynamic presence that he presents. Beyond mere charisma and oratorical eloquence, Senator Obama has a shining light that must surely be intimidating to those who would wish him to fail. When he is attacked by his political opponents, he deflects the negative blows with grace. He has continually chosen the high road of positive force as a response. Only a uniquely confident individual could refuse to embrace the negative tactics of dirty politics.

The audacity of his campaign is truly inspirational for the enlightened. Creative people, like myself, understand the brilliant energy that Obama exudes. It is no small coincidence that people refer to his speaking engagements as being "like a rock concert". He is not an actor nor a performer but he creates a feeling that regenerates his audience. This energy resonates especially with young people because it is a youthful energy. Obama is able to impart the importance of the moment to his listeners. He is able to energize people with the sense that they can seize the time.

He makes me feel as if my own audacity, to be a 'roots' musician in an 'American Idol' world, can pay off. Thanks to Barack Obama, I feel a renewed purpose in my own quest.
Thanks Obama!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Proud Parent of Two New CDs!

It has been quite a long time since I posted my blog on a regular basis. I'm sure that I will have to recreate interest in this blog and in my music in general.
Out of sight really does equal out of mind in today's' hyperactive world of electronic media.
Though I felt guilty for abandoning my podcast and my blogs I must say that my time away from this blog was spent wonderfully!

In the year 2007 I concentrated on recording two entire Cd's.

This work was at times grueling but always extremely rewarding.
The birthing process for music culminates in the pain and exhilaration known to mothers and fathers everywhere. My joy was doubled as I gave birth to twin Cd's: "Agua Santa" (Holy Water) and "Beijos Azuis" (Blue Kisses) .

In the coming weeks and months I will have a treasure trove of new content that should be interesting to those who found this blog interesting in the past. I also hope to win the hearts and minds of new music and culture fans.