Sunday, February 28, 2010

"One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 59

Intro: Bem, Bem Maria / Gypsy Kings/ Live

Set One:

1. Ya Rayah / Rachid Taha
2. Migra / Santana / Supernatural
3. Kelma / Rachid Taha / Ole, Ole

Set Two:

1. Sofia / Ismael Lo / Jammu Africa
2. Salya / Toure Kunda / Best Of Compilation
3. Dibi Dibi Rek / Ismael Lo / Jammu Africa

Set Three:

1. Indie / Rachid Taha
2. Menek / Rachid Taha
3. The Trance / Rasheed Ali & Rain People / Thunder in the Jungle

Friday, February 19, 2010

"One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 58

Intro: Adouma/Angelique Kidjo/Aiye

Set One:

1. Eleguana/Tito Puente /Top Percussion
2. Sacred Waters/Rasheed Ali & Rain People/Thunder in the Jungle
3. Omo Tu Tun/ King Sunny Ade/Classics Vol.3

Set Two:

1. Obatala Yeza Tito Puente/Top Percussion
2. Yemanja/Angelique Kidjo/Aiye
3. ODOO / Fela Kuti

Set Three:

1. Xango, Xango/Folklore Compilation/Import
2. Wonder, Wonder/Femi Kuti
3.Wasalu/ Babtunde Olatunji
4. Oba Adeyinka Oyekan/King Sunny Ade
5. Mae Preta/Ile Aiye/Canto Negro

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The masterful writer who wrote 'The Three Musketeers'.

While I enjoy Gerard Depardieu as an actor, his choice as the actor to portray the great writer Alexandre Dumas, in Black face, is an awfully racist faux pas that should be met with some sort of organized reaction by African Diaspora people who are tired of Eurocentric insensitivity and arrogance. Let's have Denzel Washington play the Great Bard himself, William Shakespeare in White face.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 57

Intro: The Secret of the Drums/Rasheed Ali & Rain People/Thunder in the Jungle

Set One:

1. Africa / Rasheed Ali & Rain People /Agua Santa
2. Epelo / Papa Wemba / Molokai /Real World
3. Paris Mambo / Tito Puente & Eddie Palmieri / Obra Maestra
4. Yaye Boy / Africando / African Salsa Compilation

Set Two:

1. Africa Occidental / Rasheed Ali & Rain People / Agua que va Caer
2. Lahk Bi / Africando / Trovador
3. Rica y Caliente / Caravana Cubana / Late Night Sessions

Set Three:

1. Africano / Rasheed Ali & Rain People / Thunder in the Jungle
2. Africando / Africando / Trovador

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Twenty years ago Nelson Mandela was freed.

Yesterday marked twenty years since Madiba was freed from Victor Verster prison in Paarl, South Africa on February 11, 1990.

When I visited South Africa in the spring of 2004, a friend took me to the prison gate at Victor Verster so I could take a photograph. I never did take any photographs that day in Paarl.

While in Cape Town, all of the Afrikaaners kept asking me if I'd been to Robben Island so that I could see, what has become a tourist site, his former prison cell. I never did take the ferry boat to Robben Island while I was in Cape Town.

Much money has changed hands since Mandela left prison behind. I'm sure many tourists paid for the opportunity to photograph the great man's prison cell. I did not pay for such an opportunity.

I did, however, pay a small price for a ticket to see the great man at the Los Angeles, Coliseum where a benefit concert was held in his honor following his release. The Mandela "victory tour" through America was well-attended by those of us who vehemently opposed the racist policies of apartheid South Africa. Over 70,000 people attended that Friday night event on June 29, 1990.

I do not remember his speech that night nor the musical artists who performed in his honor. I can only remember one highlight from that evening.

What I clearly remember is my 2-year-old son raising his fists while he excitedly chanted "amandla".

I just found an interesting site devoted to some of Mandela's speeches. Click here to check it out!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Djeliba Baba... the Story Teller

Check out Baba the Storyteller

I met this enlightened brother at a party last week and I plan on featuring some of his magic in a future podcast. It is always a pleasure to meet an American Black Man who embraces his African heritage without restraint. I hope to collaborate with this creative brother one day.

"One Tribe, Many Voices Podcast" Episode 56

Intro: Back Streets of Havana / Airto Moreira / The Other Side of This

Set One:

1. Warrior / African Compilation
2. Hymn of Praise / African Compilation
3. The Dance Circle / Rasheed Ali / The Empty Vessel Speaks
4. Turu / Toure Kunda / Best of
5. The Brotherhood / Rasheed Ali / The Empty Vessel Speaks

Set Two:

1. Os Tambores de Minas / Milton Nascimento / Nascimento
2. Unknown / African Compilation
3. Street Reunion /Airto Moeira / The Other Side of This

Set Three:

1. Oye Lo / Rasheed Ali & Rain People / Agua Santa
2. La Procesion / Rasheed Ali & Rain People / Agua Santa
3. Nadie me Hablo / Rasheed Ali & Rain People / Agua Santa