Saturday, October 30, 2010

"One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 92

Vote!  2010

Election Day Special

Qua, Qua, Qua / Rasheed Ali & Rain People / Agua Que Va a Caer

set one:

1. In 2 Deep / Damian Marley / Welcome to Jamrock
2. I.T.T. / Fela Anikulapo Kuti

set two:

1. Tristeza e Beleza / Rasheed Ali & Rain People / Tristeza e Beleza na Cidade Negra
2. Las Calles / Ruben Blades / Cantares del Subdesarollo
3. El Tumbadero / Rasheed Ali & Rain People / Agua Que Va a Caer

set three:

1. (Send Your Roaches to) Julie Nixon / Mother Night / Mother Night
2. Believe / Ozomatli / Street Signs
3. Ghost Town / The Specials

set four:

1. Things Aint Cool / Julian Marley / Awake
2. Crazy Baldheads / Bob Marley
3. The Strong Will Survive / Nas & Damian Marley / Distant Relatives

Monday, October 25, 2010

"One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 91

Female Voices: 7th Show in the Series.                                        
Theresa Perez

Intro: My People / Theresa Perez / Small World
Set one:

1. Black Hand Side / Queen Latifah / Black Reign
2. Mango Pickle Down River / M.I.A. / Kala
3. Weekend Love / Queen Latifah / Black Reign
Koralee and Rasheed

Set two:

1. Time (35 bag remix) / O’spada / Hot Biscuits Blog
2. I Can’t Understand / Queen Latifah / Black Reign
3. Exmas / Koralee / Koralee EP
    Mayra Andrade

    Set three:

    1. Grains de Beaute / Ceu / Vagarosa
    2. Just Another Day / Queen Latifah / Black Reign
    3. Lapidu Na Bo / Mayra Andrade / Navega
    4. The D.J.’s Interlude / Queen Latifah / Black Reign

    Set four:

    1. Rainforest Kissing / Theresa Perez / Small World
    2. Kounandi / Rokia Traore / Tchamantche
    3. Fall at My Feet / Koralee / Koralee EP

    Gregory Isaacs, The Cool Ruler! (1951-2010)

    Gregory Isaacs: The Cool Ruler

    Jamaican Reggae Legend, Gregory Isaacs has passed today.

    All the world of reggae music lovers will mourn the loss of the man known as “The Cool Ruler”. Though I never had the pleasure of performing with this master musician, I did see him perform on stage three times in my life.

    He had a silky smooth delivery and the suave cool of a ghetto Casanova. Gregory Isaacs’ appeal to women was obvious but his appeal to men was even more powerful. He was that brother you could relate to, like so many you knew from the neighborhood posse. He was somebody that it was cool to look up to, cool to be like, a smooth brother.

    I can still remember how he strolled onto the stage with his tall hat tilted to the side. He took his time, because he could! He had that Jamaican walk that said he grew up on the tough side of the tracks. This made him more than the average love song singer, Gregory Isaacs was tough but he could admit to a broken heart. Gregory Isaacs was a Black man and I could relate to him.

    His voice was captivating, one of those singers who’s every word you could remember. If you lived in Brooklyn, I’m sure you remember Earl Chin’s late night Rockers show, after the midnight hour.  Can anybody forget hanging out with their woman, candle light, incense burning, and Gregory Isaacs in the room singing “Night Nurse”?

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Neyma from Mozambique

    "One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 90

    Photo Credit: Grace Olsson

    The Music of Mozambique

    Intro: Maria Caracoles / Pelo el Afrokan 

    Set one:

    1. Zora Drums / Grupo Zora de Maputo
    2. Matxutxubanga / Projeto Africa
    3. Mayvavo / Ghorwane

    Set two:

    1. Timbila Solo / Spooni Wilessene
    2. Wavitika / Ghorwane
    3. Golheani / Seppo Kantonen

    Set three:

    1. Shitende / Fernando Naife
    2. Marido e Dono / Neyma
    3. Djika / Orch, Marrabenta Star de Mocambique

    Set four:

    1. Djomela / Orch, Marrabenta Star de Mocambique
    2. Tiyisselane / Zebra
    3. Nwahulwana / Orch, Marrabenta Star de Mocambique
    4. Mi So / Neyma
    5. Las Jardineras / Pelo el Afrokan

    Monday, October 04, 2010

    "One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 89

    Intro: Odo-Ya / Sergio Mendes-Carlinhos Brown / Encanto

    Set one:

    1. Dance or Die / Janelle Monae / ArchAndroid
    2. As We Enter / Nas-Damian Marley / Distant Relatives
    3. Tengo La Voz / Nortec Collective / Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 3

    Set two:

    1. San Juan y Martinez / Anga / Echu Mingua
    2. The Look of Love / Sergio Mendes-Fergie / Encanto
    3. Samba Hop / Branford Marsalis / Music Evolution
    4. Rezos / Anga / Echu Mingua

    Set three:

    1. Freeform / Anga / Echu Mingua
    2. The Scratch / Branford Marsalis / Buckshot LeFonque
    3. Funky Bahia / Sergio Mendes-Saidah Garrett / Encanto
    4. Jerry's Tune / Anga / Echu Mingua

    Set four:

    1. Neon Valley Street / Janelle Monae / ArchAndroid
    2. Wonders & Signs / Branford Marsalis / Buckshot LeFonque
    3. Say You'll Go / Janelle Monae / ArchAndroid
    4. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings / Branford Marsalis

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