Saturday, January 26, 2008

Had No Beginning, Has No End; Simply Is!

I want to wish all of those you have shown a keen interest in my "One Tribe, Many Voices" blog a very prosperous 2008!

Though I feel exceedingly guilty for having virtually "abandoned" all of my internet projects, I must say that I will return 'bearing gifts' in 2008.

2007 was a very prolific creative year for me. I was able to record (2) new CDs that have yet to be released into the music marketplace. I am very proud of this colossal effort to record back-to-back projects! This recording effort was driven, in part, by the energy created by my involvement in this worldwide on-line community of cultural expression.

This blog, my podcast and my other on-line media portals are all driven by real content. Even though I have previously recorded (5) CDs that are available on iTunes and many other such outlets, once I started sharing them on MySpace,etc. I felt as if my 'supply' couldn't meet the 'demand' for more content!
It's really quite a job to oversee multiple media sources (blogs,podcasts,websites,etc) without "a cast of thousands".
It was truly impossible to maintain a normal life plus daily posts to two blogs while answering an increasing volume of interesting e-mails from around the world!
It was super exciting but I felt as if I was already existing in a "second life" experience.
Of course, on one level my self expression was at an all time high with regards to the written word. On the other hand, I was not writing any new music!
If the eternal question is: which comes first? The chicken or the egg?...
Then I must say that without the excitement of new music to share,this blog or any website that I have cannot sustain itself.

So, that is my big apology to those who care to listen and/or read my work and my big explanation as to the current state of affairs with Rasheed Ali & Rain People.

Anyway, I hope that all of you who have shown a keen interest in blog will explore the archives. There are more than 100 posts on this blog!

If you read Spanish,my Spanish blog also has many interesting posts.