Sunday, April 04, 2010

"One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 65

This week, the podcast radio show features the Rain People sound.

Afro-Centric and Pan-African are unifying themes that express the "Black Music Without Borders" concept of Rasheed Ali & Rain People. The music of the African Diaspora comes in many voices, many tongues. In the New World we Africans were often chained together and housed with fellow Africans that did not speak our tribal language. The colonial slave owners used this tactic to help keep order and keep us somewhat separate. The historical record provides a validation for this point.
Now, in the New Millennium, African descendants such as myself are reconnecting our tribal links. We came as Yoruba, Ashanti, Mende, Fulani, Bantu, Fon and many more before adapting to the foreign tongues. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, English, Chinese and Hindi have all intertwined with the African tongue in the New World. Language is not a barrier for those who embrace the concept of "One Tribe, Many Voices". Celebrating unity!

Intro: Na Cidade Negra

Set One:

1. Thunder in the Jungle
2. Tristeza e Beleza
3. El Tumbadero

Set Two:

1. Agua Que Va Caer
2. Baye Fall
3. Nao Precisa Ainda Nada

Set Three:

1. The Teachers
2. A Cara Que o Mundo Ve
3. Uma Coisa Boa, Uma Coisa Doida

Set Four:

1. Cocinando
2. Let it Rain
3. Eu Sou o Seu