Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Rasheed Ali & Rain People Logo

I took a trip to New York City and I discovered this very interesting gift store in Soho that had cool items from all over the world.
A metal pendant with this symbol caught my eye because it reminded me of the Taino petroglyphs in Puerto Rico.
The sales girl didn't know exactly where it came from but she was pretty sure that it was from an indigenous tribe in Central America.

It was like magic, I could see a rain drop and two clouds along with a symbol that reminded me of an exclaimation point. For me, the 'exclaimation point' represented the thunder.
I was compelled to adopt this symbol, especially since it resembled an 'R' for Rasheed & Rain People.
As I began to meditate on the symbol I paid more attention to middle of the 'R' . I thought that it looked like the center of the universe or an ovum or cell.
I fell in love with this logo. It spoke to me.
Still, I wonder if someone will help me identify its origin.

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