Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Power of Dreams

I am still a dreamer, maybe it's because I have not yet realized all of my dreams. Sometimes the glow of our dreams begins to dim. Sometimes the motivation for our dreams weakens and our resolve to succeed loses its edge. When that moment arrives, we need inspiration. Inspiration is a new breath, a new burst of life force. My oldest son is my inspiration. He inspires me to continue to dream. He inspires me to dust off my dreams and make them shine again. He inspires me because he has his own brilliant dreams to polish. His dreams might be alot like my dreams but they are his alone. When I look at this CD cover that he created for his "one day to be released" CD, I know the power of dreams.

Mr.Kareem, my hero.

1 comment:

  1. Onyeka10:36 AM

    I have no clue why it never occured to me that Kareem ALI was your son, haha, dear God

    Wow, I guess that music gene is potent! And I love how you understand your son's vision
    ...and your probably not forcing him to go to medical school...

    do you hear the bitterness?