Sunday, January 04, 2009

Little Voices in the Wilderness: Gaza Invasion

On Friday, January 2ND, 2009, I felt compelled to add my little voice to a protest in front of the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles, California.

I only wish that my little voice in the wilderness would matter. While standing in the chilling cold weather, I felt a certain futility that my little voice did not matter in this great big world. It seems that a world that has so many conflicts cannot focus on every cry for reason.

I live in an American world where Palestinian lives are not equal to the lives of others.

I am not Palestinian but I am a human being that must respond to injustice and ugliness.
I am a Caribbean-American not an Arab-American but I felt a certain shame if I did not raise my little voice in protest.

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  1. In the US Israeli lives are worth more than Palestinian lives. This is the sad reality that the media perpetuates. All human beings are equal. I'm happy that not all the people in the US are silent, all voices of discent are noble.