Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 53

Intro: La Banda / Spanish Harlem Orchestra / Un Gran Dia en El Barrio

Set one:

1. Ominira / Angelique Kidjo / Black Ivory Soul
2. Tive Razao / Seu Jorge / Cru
3. Castiga La! / Maraca / Tremenda Rumba

Set two:

1. Sexy / Los Amigos Invisibles / Zero Accidents on the Job
2. Chatterton / Seu Jorge / Cru
3. La Novela / Maraca / Tremenda Rumba

Set three:

1. Confesion / King Chango / Zero Accidents on the Job
2. Bem Querer / Seu Jorge / Cru
3. Crescent /Nobukazu Takemura / Island Outposts vol.2

1 comment:

  1. I ran into your upstars neighbor of many years via Facebook, Leonette Joseph. She hipped me to your site. I very happy to have any contact with you after so many years As I consider you easily the most powerful seminal influennces of my young and ultimately entire life. I am hardly surprised that you have become prolific. I remember you beating me up after school, at least three times. But I also remember our first gig in Brooklyn arranged by your older brother. We played Song for My Father, Horace Silver, Sombrero Sam, from the Forest Flower Album (Charles Lloyd) and two original compositions by you. The chubby kid with thick glasses standing beside you never was happier or felt more alive. As you see I never forgot that day. You had already forged an eclectic and captivating quartet. We were 13. I miss you bro...

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    Take care.