Sunday, September 12, 2010

A word about this week's podcast episode (86)

This week's podcast celebrates a wonderful compilation CD: "African Scream Contest". This is a project that sheds light on the beginnings of Afro-Funk in West Africa in the 1970's. I like to call this period "Africa:Post-James Brown". The Godfather of Soul had a profound effect on the entire continent, as he brought African-American polyrhythms back to their source. 

What seems to be lost on so many Americans is the fact that Africa was so hip and aware back then. Unfortunately, so much of this symbiotic cultural relationship was lost upon a pre-Internet generation that had to rely upon the dominant-culture media for African news.

Now in 2010, the African Diaspora is so much more connected. The lines of cultural communication are fortified by a satellite linked world. Creators like me benefit greatly from this brave new world.

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