Thursday, April 21, 2011

"One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 109

One musical group has embodied the Africanization of the American beat: Earth, Wind and Fire.
This week's show focuses on the special musical and cultural contributions of Earth, Wind and Fire.

This is actually the second part to last week's show celebrating 'Africa in America', or the Africanization of Black music in the United States. To some readers, referring to the Africanization of Black American music may seem like an odd reference. Yet, from my African-Caribbean mindset and viewpoint, the lack of real African drums and traditional rhythms created an unusual musical identity in the United States. The beat of the drums underwent a transmutation and was hidden in a new syncopated version of European styled music.

Painting: Varnette P. Honeywood

I can recall when I was younger, hearing Afro-Americans reluctant to connect any part of themselves or culture to an African identity. Kids would declare: "I aint no African!" To them, Africa was a primitive, foreign identity. That attitude has not really disappeared from the American mindset, it has just morphed into a new one that identifies African culture as that of US immigrants. So, now African culture is something new that comes from Nigeria, Ghana or Senegal. For those of us from the tropical zone, our Africanisms are much more difficult to deny. Though the same affliction of shame abounds in the minds of the African Diaspora where ever they reside. Still, whether confusion of 'what to call ourselves' exist or not, everyone knows that Calypso, Reggae, Merengue, Samba and Guaguanco are all African musical expressions and forms. Earth, Wind and Fire connected the dots between Africa,Brasil, the Caribbean and America.

Intro: Evil / Earth, Wind & Fire / Head to the Sky

Set one:

1. Partido Alto / Flora Purim & Airto / The Colors of Life
2. Fair but so Uncool / Earth, Wind & Fire / Open our Eyes

Set two:

1. Ponta de Lanca Africana / Jorge Ben
2. Time is on Your Side / Earth, Wind & Fire / Last Days in Time
3. Caramba / Jorge Ben
4. Let me Talk / Earth, Wind & Fire / All n' All

Set  three:

1.Runnin' / Earth, Wind & Fire / All n' All

Set four:

1. Cru-Cre Corroro / Ivan Lins / Awa Yio
2. Serpentine Fire / Earth, Wind & Fire / All n' All

Set five:

1. Brazilian Rhyme Interlude / Earth, Wind & Fire / All n' All
2. Ponta de Areia / Wayne Shorter w/ Milton Nascimento / Native Dancer
3. Bird of Paradise / Stevie Wonder / Fullingness First Finale
4. Brazilian Rhyme / Earth, Wind & Fire / All n' All

5. Fica no Brasil / Rasheed Ali & Rain People / Tristeza e Beleza

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