Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"One Tribe, Many Voices" Podcast Episode 125

This week's show is part-3 of the month-long celebration of the Islamic element in African Diaspora music.

As a Muslim, I am driven by a desire to expose people to another reality where Muslim musicians flourish and create. This is to counter the negative reality expressed by the Taliban and other Wahhabi-influenced people who condemn musical performance and enjoyment.

Sometimes the wrongheaded are given a platform to broadcast their wrongheadedness far and wide. Often times people will pay great attention to (as the Japanese say) "the nail that sticks out". Such is the case with those who espouse a doctrine of extremes.

Would the Taliban silence the singing birds? I was given a gift and I can make my instruments sing the praises of The Most High, the universal oneness and beauty of pure creation. Others may serve something else but I know that my gift of music is a service and a healing to those in need. Art can be a wonderment and an inspiration to those in darkness. A gift must always be shared.

This week we feature a gifted man from Senegal who sings like a bird: Ismael Lo, one of the sweetest voices from a country with many sweet voices.

Intro: Sofia / Ismael Lo / Jammu Africa

Set one:

1. Takou Deneu / Ismael Lo
2. Dinaha / Rachid Taha

Set two:

1. Nafanta / Ismael Lo
2. Zaama / Rachid Taha / Ole, Ole
3. Dibi Dibi Rek / Ismael Lo

Set three:

1. Viola, Viola / Rachid Taha
2. Sarama / Vieux Farka Toure / Fondo

Set four:

1. Njilou / Baaba Maal / Firin' in Fouta
2. Jammu Africa / Ismael Lo
3. Call to Prayer / Baaba Maal
4. Helalisa (Nubian Song) / Hamza El Din

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